Thursday, June 15, 2017

Students will work on some Disorders Assignments in Room 303 today. I will be a bit late to class, but students should get started on the work that is on the front table. Students may use the Psych textbooks and Powerpoints below to help them complete the assignments.

The following assignments are DUE TOMORROW: 16-2 Anxiety Disorders, 16-3 Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders, & 16-4 Schizophrenia and Mood Disorders.

Students may hand in recent assignments today and tomorrow. You may put them in my mailbox in the office or hand them in to me in Room 303 Friday afternoon.

REMINDER: The final exam is on Tuesday, June 20 at 12:00 – 3:00 in Room 303.

Dissociative Disorders PPT

Somatoform Disorders PPT

Mood Disorders PPT

Schizophrenia PPT




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