Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Who is the one person you have learned most from in your life?

We will begin a new unit of study today about LEARNING.

We all “know” things and we can all perform lots of behaviours. But where did they come from?

  • Some things are innate -we are born with the knowledge. But others must be acquired actively. Thus, any knowledge or behaviour that we now possess that we were not born with, was somehow “learned”.
  • Psychologists have studied learning in a variety of ways, from examining the salivation of dogs in response to meat powder, to how rats press a lever in the pursuit of obtaining some kind of reward, to offering children rewards for doing what is asked of them, to examining how people are able to tie their shoe laces.

What is Learning?

  • Is a relatively permanent change in behaviour that results from experience

There are various ways is which people learn. We will look at 2 main schools of thought (viewpoints) regarding learning:

  • 1) Classical Conditioning (Pavlovian)
  • 2) Operant Conditioning (Instrumental)

Students will view an introductory powerpoint about Learning and complete a study guide.

Learning ppt


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