Friday, Feb. 10, 2017

We will start today’s class learning more about the Bystander Effect that we talked about yesterday. What are your thoughts about this? What would you do? We’ll discuss….

Today we will also complete the PowerPoint about the history of Psychology. Students should continue to take notes while viewing this presentation.

History of Psychology PowerPoint

*NOTE: Some students have not turned in all the work that was assigned this week. Because I was away for the first few days, I will extend the due date for this work until Monday, Feb. 13. ALL WORK IS DUE ON MONDAY, FEB. 13. NO WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE. You can go back and read through each day’s blog post to see what you have missed. You will need to get any missed assignments from me today.

Here is all the work that was assigned this week:

  • Personal Inventory
  • Discovery Psychology: Past Present and Promise – Viewing Assignment
  • Intro to Psychology Study Guide (does not need to be handed in, but it should be completed for your own use for the first unit test)

Here is the answer key for the Intro to Psych Study Guide: Intro to Psych Study Guide Answer Key


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