Thursday, Sept. 15

Today we will review some of the concepts that we’ve discussed in the past few days:

  • Meaning of Psychology:
    • Psyche: spirit, mind, or soul
    • logia: the study of
  • Established in 1879 (Germany) by Wilhem Wundt
  • Involves the study of both animal and human behaviour
  • Types of behviour:
    • Covert – don’t see it, hidden  (i.e., thinking, memory function, wondering)
    • Overt – you can see it, not hidden (.e., stress, aggression)
  • 4 Goals of Psychology:
    • Description
    • Explanation
    • Prediction
    • Control

Students will be given the Module 1 Student Workbook today and will read pages 3 – 5 and complete the Learning Activity 1.1 Goals of Psychology

We will continue to discuss the what a psychologist does and subfields of psychology and students will complete Learning Activity 1.2: Psychologists at Work



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