Welcome to Psychology!

I’m Melanie Fenton and I’m teaching your Psychology 40S course that begins today and ends in June.

Use this blog when you’ve missed a class so you can catch up on any work we have done in class. Assignments are not posted here so you have to come to class to get them.

You may also use this blog to check out any of the links to YouTube clips, films, readings, etc. that I’ll provide to extend your understanding of course-related topics.

This is the first day of class. If you didn’t get the course outline in class, you can read it here:Psychology Course Outline – 2017

Today we will go over some course expectations and an overview of important information about WAEC:

  • All assignments that are handed in need to be written in pen (blue or black) or typed.
  • Sign in when you come to class and sign out if you leave early.
  • Course outline –attendance and handing in work on time is IMPORTANT!
  • Check the blog if you miss a class.

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