Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Students will continue to learn about Nature vs. Nurture by reading a textbook selection (pg. 170 – 174, Understanding Psychology, purple textbook) and answering the following questions (on loose leaf – hand in):


Heredity and the Environment

  1. Explain the difference between fraternal twins and identical twins.
  2. What is heredity? How does heredity affect behaviour?
  3. What can be learned about nature and nurture from twin studies?
  4. What chromosomal abnormality causes Down Syndrome?
  5. Which aspects of YOUR personality, your way of acting, and your appearance seem obviously the result of heredity? Which seem to be more related to your environmental upbringing?


If time permits, view Identical Twins Separated at Birth:


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Students will learn more about Nature vs. Nurture by reading about a twin study, Twins Raised Apart, and completing an assignment (hand in).

REMINDER: There will be a quiz about Studying the Brain and Genetics on Friday.

Monday, March 12, 2018

We will continue to learn about the brain today by taking notes while viewing a powerpoint about the Cerebral Cortex. Students will work on an assignment about this topic (hand in).

Cerebral Cortex PPT

More Reading about the Brain

Students will also view a video, Baby Brain, and complete an viewing assignment (hand in).:

NOTE:  There will be a quiz about the brain on Thursday, March 15.

REMINDER:  There are NO CLASSES on Friday, March 16.